Registered Massage Therapists


Registered Massage Therapist

Scarlet’s technique is slow, rhythmic, and gradual as she thoroughly treats areas of pain and discomfort. A central goal in Scarlet’s sessions is to decrease the pain experience by calming the nervous system. Therefore, though she uses deep tissue, active release, kinetic massage, PNF stretching, and trigger point release techniques when appropriate, the overall experience is intended to be deeply relaxing.

Scarlet is a forever learner with a deep interest in understanding pain intervention and body work from all perspectives. Scarlet received thorough training in anatomy, physiology, assessment, and treatment at MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy where she graduated with honours in 2017. Since then, she has received further training in yoga and body rolling as home-care; kinetic massage of the shoulder; orthopedic assessment.; pain science and the biopsychosocial model; and trauma-informed bodywork.

Scarlet’s treatment room is a safe, kind, judgement-free space. She works with people of all ages and stages, including pregnancy.

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Registered Massage Therapist

Craig has a passion for massage therapy and views the modality as a form of communication. Working with the body, not just on the body, he uses advanced neurological techniques to relieve tension and stress. To effectively accomplish this, no oils or lotions are used during a session. Craig specializes in deep tissue, myofascial release, nerve flossing, and lymphatic drainage.

Craig graduated from the Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy Program at Makami College in April 2020.

He spends his free time caring for his two children and working on personal growth.

Direct billing offered.

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