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Shari Arial


Welling Centre
6529 111 Street Edmonton, Alberta T6H 4R5

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Mar 01 2020


11:30 am - 12:30 pm



Trauma-Informed Yoga (FREE!)

Because we recognize that people struggling to recover from dependency issues – be they chemical or behavioural – are often also struggling to find healthy alternative activities, social experiences, and coping skills, and because we know that these difficulties are often associated with traumatic histories, we would like to offer some help. For free.

Introducing, Yoga for Recovery!

Yoga for Recovery is a monthly free activity hosted by Welling Centre. It is an opportunity for all people in recovery to get together in a safe environment with other people on a journey to health.

The yoga is trauma-Informed, meaning that it is an evidence-based practice using gentle movement, natural breathing techniques and interoception (the feeling of being you).

The focus is on empowering, invitational language using choice as a guide to emphasize self-awareness and self-regulation.

Wording that may be used includes: “when you are ready”, “If you like”, “I invite you to”, knowing that anything that is suggested is only that, a suggestion, and that you are always in control of your practice. In fact, if there was one posture that you connected with and wanted to stay in for the entire time, that would be perfect and supported.

Trauma-Informed yoga supports resilience building, creating new healthy neuropathways, as well as self-care and coping skills that can transfer off the mat to support management of daily symptoms and cravings. Verbal cuing is used and there are no physical adjustments.

Join us for free the first Sunday of every month. No registration required – first come, first served up to 15 people.

Remember to bring a yoga mat.