Psychology is the attempt to understand the human mind and behaviour. In the context of therapy, it involves melding the science behind this understanding with the art of relationships. Psychologists assess, diagnose, treat, guide, and support people to help them reach their goals for therapy. The goals can vary significantly and can change over time. For example, a person may want to recover from an addiction, only to discover that the addiction has been helping to make up for something that is missing in their lives. In this case, the initial goal for therapy can change from dealing with the addiction to restoring balance in the psyche. At the Welling Centre, we believe that the resources we need to find balance, to grow, and to feel whole are within each of us, even if they may be blocked or dislocated currently. Your source for wellness is inside. We aim to help you reach your goals for therapy by (re)connecting you with that source. Welling Centre offers mental health services from registered psychologists, as well as other lower cost mental health practitioners. Direct billing offered. Video, phone and in-person sessions offered.


Massage Therapy is manual manipulation of soft tissues used to decrease and eliminate muscle pain and stiffness; relieve headaches; improve circulation; promote healthy sleeping patterns; decrease high blood pressure; correct problematic posture and gait; aid in the healing of sprains, strains and other injuries; relieve numbness, tingling, and pain caused by muscular compression of nerves; it is also used for the sole purpose of relaxation. A massage therapy session at Welling Centre begins with a conversation between therapist and client; discussing the client’s wishes for the massage, previous injuries, and areas of discomfort and pain. Next, the therapist will assess the client’s posture and perform other relevant assessments in order to develop a personalized treatment plan. The massage itself will revolve around client preference: the therapist will happily increase or decrease pressure when requested. After the treatment, stretches, strengthening exercises, and other means of self-care specific to each client will be demonstrated and/ or explained. Direct billing offered.


OMTs work with all the tissues and systems of the body and there is a vast range in approaches from very subtle to much more direct manipulation; the therapist adjusts to your body’s needs and way of receiving work.

Osteopathy works on the premise that our bodies have the capacity to heal themselves. We find what is working well and is a source of vitality for each person. We have learned to help the body by adjusting joints, organs, and pressures. OMTs seek to find ways to support health so that the movement expression might be fuller and the ‘inner physician’ can emerge.

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Yoga refers to various physical, mental, and spiritual health practices and disciplines which originated in ancient India. These practices include breath control, meditation, and the adoption of body postures.

Since opening, Welling Centre has been proud to offer a number of different yoga classes including free monthly Trauma-Informed Yoga sessions.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all yoga sessions are currently on pause until further notice.

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