Getting the clinic together has been a fun project. Making our own clinic space is a dream come true, and we can’t help but get a little carried away sometimes, as when we started dreaming about seeing our logo in neon. But once we started talking about that, the idea simply wouldn’t go away. Yesterday was day we picked up our neon sign from the Edmonton neon artist, Neil Martin, also known as ‘the NeonGuy’. We hung around for a little while to get to know Neil a bit more and to snoop around his historic workshop. He told us how he learnt his art from his father, who made some of the most famous Edmonton neon signs. As Neil is a musician, it was convenient for him to work part time for his dad when he was younger, and today he is proud of his art. His workshop oozes of skilled crafts and years of experience. It is clearly a place he likes to hang out. Apart from all his cool neon-tools, the space is also packed with personal memorabilia and has a dedicated space for his drum kit and percussion instruments. We like Neil a lot, and it makes us like our new neon sign even more. We could not have imagined how awesome it would look in our space. We are 100% thrilled with it! You should come around and see it for yourself, (perhaps at our Grand Opening on Sept. 22?) You can read more about that here.

Neil Martin with our sign

Work in progress

More neon

The neon machine

Workshop view and our sign