What is PsycheMysTE?

PsycheMysTE, or, more formally, the Society for Psychedelic, Mystical, and Transpersonal Experience is a new society dedicated to sharing, studying, understanding, and celebrating experiences that involve altered/non-ordinary states of consciousness, including those occasioned by psychedelic substances, mystical/religious/spiritual/shamanic experiences, out of body/astral travelling/near death experiences, or any kind of “paranormal” or transpersonal encounters.

Such experiences have been part of the heritage of humanity since time immemorial, and they continue to be looked upon as sacred experiences by many traditional cultures. Mainstream Western culture stands alone in vilifying and pathologizing these experiences, but a revaluing of these experiences in the Western world is now underway. PsycheMysTE intends to help usher in this change.

We, at PsycheMysTE, also believe that in a COVID and post-COVID era, the world is going to need all the help it can get in healing various factions, and in bringing together community in a loving way. We believe that by sharing and studying these remarkable and weird (by conventional standards) experiences in a supportive way, we contribute to doing just that, not least of all because these experiences are open to everyone and they remind us of our common humanity.

Magic Serpent by Anderson Debernardi

Magic Serpent by Anderson Debernardi

Please see our Facebook page where we invite you to ask questions, share information, and, if you are comfortable, share your own personal narratives related to these experiences in a non-judgmental, curious, and supportive environment filled with likeminded people from around the world.

The society will also be hosting events, including movie screenings, webinars/lectures, sharing circles, and more. During COVID restrictions, these events will be online, and afterward, the plan is to also host such events live and in person, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, at Welling Centre. On this page, we will keep you updated about these events.

PsycheMysTE is directed by psychologist, and psychedelic integration therapist, Brian Welling.

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