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Welling Centre is a family run clinic owned by life partners Brian Welling and Mette Mitchell. “People heal when you work with the body’s own resources for healing,” says homeopath, Mette. “I dreamed of creating a beautiful space in a peaceful location where I could collaborate creatively with other practitioners who shared that vision of healing.”

Brian, who is also a psychologist at the clinic, shared that precise vision. “My daughter, Scarlet, and I, had imagined operating a clinic together that would serve people holistically. Holistic health is an approach to healing where you look at the mental, emotional, physical, social, and even spiritual aspects of life, and see them as inseparable. Sometimes healing relies too much on the medical model, which stresses only medical interventions, and tends to look at health as being strictly biologically determined. Biology is crucial, but it can’t be isolated from the rest of what makes us whole.”

Brian and Mette decided to join forces. They opened Welling Centre in 2018 in the beautiful Parkallen neighbourhood within earshot of the sounds of nature and children playing in a park. Together with Scarlet, who is the centre’s massage therapist, and an integral part of the operations there, Brian and Mette arrived at the following philosophy for Welling Centre:

”The resources we need to stay balanced, to grow, and to feel whole are within each of us, but sometimes we have trouble finding them on our own.


At Welling Centre, our goal is to help you to discover the hidden resources that would allow you to find your source of wellness once again.”


Over time, other like-minded collaborators joined Mette, Brian, and Scarlet, in serving people through a number of complimentary modalities. Today, Welling Centre offers several holistic approaches to healing, along with a variety of workshops, meetups, and other services, many of which are low-cost or free!

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